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Angelica Ender is an art director, fashion, portrait, lifestyle, and still life photographer currently based in Athens.
She is from Switzerland, born in Greece and she grew up in France with a quick stop of 2 years in Bombay, India.

From discovering photography at a very young age, Angelica continues to experiment and evolve while maintaining a gutsy, raw and pure aesthetic.
Interested more in capturing the "moment" and "soul" of her objects, Angelica likes to see more in people and situations than what meets the eye.

The sensitivity behind Angelica's work is what gives uniqueness to her shots - the liveliness of a look, the feeling of a mood, the power of a movement.
Emotionally deep and aesthetically attractive, the thoughtfulness of this artist is what brings her work forward, able to understand her objects and capture their "soul" in her shots.

Her work has been honored by several local exhibitions , ELLE Croatia , Vogue Italia , Period Magazine, PUMP Magazine, ELEGANT magazine and has been trained as a fashion photographer through the online intensive program Mastered.


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